About us

Exelen Smart Solutions is a brand of Exelen, a privately-owned company based in Switzerland. Exelen is a leading company providing highly customisable smart solutions for the energy, industrial and commercial markets. 

Our proprietary technology of wireless smart data retrieval and management allows our customers to easily retrieve informations from their sensors and meters, upload them to a dedicated server (or to the cloud) for real-time analysis, surveillance, condition monitoring, customer billing and others custom applications.

Our solution applied to the energy and water markets enables real-time consumption monitoring from already installed energy (gas, electricity, etc.) and water meters, as well as condition monitoring of critical equipment and assets, for instance by remotely reading a valve position, temperature, humidity sensors and counting.

Thanks to its long-range communication capabilities and its advanced long-lasting battery technology (up to 10 years without charge), Exelen’s solution is completely independent of your existing infrastructures and requires no wiring at all, without compromise on its performance.


The fusion of an evolutionary technology and smart approach results in an Evolutionary SmartSolution :

EvoS :Measure, Monitor and Control.  Easily wirelessly and off-grid.



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